Table of Contents

The Adventures of SahebaN
Biography of a Relentless Warrior
Fauzia Rafique

1. Vital Parts
SahebaN vs. the First Crisis of Identity
2. Holy IT
SahebaN vs. an Early Education Class
3. Coming of the Clothes
SahebaN & the Rites of Reproduction
4. Magic Civilians
SahebaN & the Very Best Career Opportunity
5. Duty Bound
SahebaN & the Idea of Permanent Job Security
6. Fearsome Pits
SahebaN vs. Hallah School of (little or no) Thought
7. The Unnecessary
SahebaN vs. the Heternal Domination Loop
8. Lord Bliss
SahebaN vs. Marital Delight Foundation
9. The One Who Has Your Voice
SahebaN & a Concept of Collectivity
10. Royal Hope and Dignity
SahebaN & a Glimpse of Power T. Kicks
11. A Benevolent Ruler
SahebaN vs. the Magic of Civil Magicia


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