‘For the last time…’


For the last time, I want to make it clear to everyone that Baby SahebaN DID NOT access Object IT herself, and that the Object was pushed on her by its rightful owner. I conclude that SahebaN was facing sexual abuse amounting to incest as the said adult male figure held a position of respect and trust in her life. I commend SahebaN for her courage for holding that piece of –it, for not letting go, and for forcing a retreat on the despicable offender.’

SahebaN’s official biographer Ego Feathers
In ‘Holy IT:

SahebaN vs. an Early Education Class

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The Adventures of SahebaN:
Biography of a Relentless Warrior

A novel by Fauzia Rafique
Mail out December 1st.
Libros Libertad 2016

Art work by Shahid Mirza, Photo Mohammad Hasan, Design Iryna Spica.