The Nature of Sex

Naked Truths, Pearls of Wisdom, Epic Revelations

‘We are not allowed to forget that Mirza and SahebaN indulged in premarital sex though i can’t see what the problem was because in the whole country at the time, pre-marital sex was almost the same as the post-marital, extra-marital and non-marital sex.’

Regarding Mirza and SahebaN
The two dead teen heroes
Of Punjabi folk lore of love


Launching November 20th 4pm at VG PlayRoom, Camp Alexandra in Surrey, with Host Virginia Gillespie, Guest Speaker L.P. Wallinger, and Author Fauzia Rafique (presenting excerpts from the first story of this volume, ‘Vital Parts’).

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The Adventures of SahebaN:
Biography of a Relentless Warrior

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Libros Libertad 2016

Art work by Shahid Mirza, Photo Mohammad Hasan, Design Iryna Spica.