‘You will not devour this book’ a review by Liam Paul Wallinger


The faithful scribe of a world eerily similar to our own, Author Fauzia Rafique skewers human foibles in The Adventures of SahebaN: Biography of a Relentless Warrior with the zeal of an archer, and the care of a lepidopterist†. There are few writers more equipped to tackle the intersections of religion, sexuality, politics and feminism, and Rafique deftly handles this tall order with a wink, a smile, and very little consideration for whichever of your prejudices she’s currently shattering.

People talk about “devouring” a book that they cannot put down. You will not devour this book; you will be devoured by it. Without warning, SahebaN performs a rude trick on you: You’ll find yourself questioning the line between reality and fantasy.

Through her wonderful fictional biographer character, Ego Feathers, and her protagonist’s presupposed folk hero status, Rafique playfully leads the reader on a journey through time and between layers of fiction, like some kind of trickster demigod psychopomp‡.

After SahebaN knocks you off your feet and you find yourself treading water, just look up, and you might see Ego Feathers, dancing atop the waves like a Jesus Christ lizard. This is all to say that The Adventures of SahebaN: Biography of a Relentless Warrior is hilarious, transformative, engrossing, and heartbreaking.

One of those disturbed individuals who collects butterflies and impales them on corkboard in the name of science or hobbyism.

A being that acts as a guide to mortals visiting either the world of the subconscious, or the land of the dead.

Liam Paul Wallinger
Author of The Man with the Retrograde Brainstem and DINK

‘Living Room’ by Liam Paul Wallinger.
Image/Text manipulation: Mariam Zohra D

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Biography of a Relentless Warrior

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